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Meet Your Physical Therapist and Health Coach, Dr. Stephanie House

Dr. Stephanie House is a board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in helping people with neurological and balance issues. Her background as a yoga instructor and her own healing journey have inspired her to teach others to heal their physical ailments using an integrative mind-body approach.

Physical Therapy Career & Expertise 

She’s spent her career as a physical therapist working in multiple settings including large hospital systems, home health care, and outpatient settings. While working with people at different stages of healing, Dr. House developed an expertise in treating movement-related dysfunction in people with vestibular issues and chronic conditions including chronic pain, digestive health, neurological disorders, metabolic conditions, and autoimmune disease. As a health coach, she has helped people reach their next level of healing by incorporating a mind, body, and spirit approach.

Physical Therapist Dr Stephanie House Treating A Patient
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Personal Life & Passions

Her passion lies in uncovering the connection between lifestyle, nutrition, and mindset and the physical manifestation of pain and dysfunction. She believes everything is connected, and it’s simply a matter of peeling back the layers of information your body is giving you. Once that is achieved, you can improve pain, function, and quality of life moving forward.

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