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Therapeutic Yoga

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

What Is Therapeutic Yoga?

Yoga is a practice accessible to all levels of mobility that can help with balance, transitional movements, regulate breathing, and incorporate more awareness to the body-mind connection through movement. Therapeutic yoga is particularly helpful for those recovering from chronic illness or long-standing mobility dysfunction.

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What Are The Benefits Of Therapeutic Yoga?

Benefits of therapeutic yoga include improved:

  • Postural awareness

  • Ability to connect to your breath

  • Ability to get out of “fight or flight” mode and into the “rest and digest” parasympathetic state.

  • Strength, flexibility, and balance

  • Connection to information coming from your balance centers in your body

  • Tolerance to movement

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Therapeutic Yoga Treats These Types Of Conditions

Yoga can be beneficial for everyone, even people just looking to optimize health. It also can be adapted for all mobility levels. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. We adapt postures depending on the individual's needs. This may look like doing a standing posture in sitting or using props for stability and comfort. We have found great benefit in using yoga as a complimentary tool for people with balance, dizziness, increased anxiety, and upregulated nervous systems.

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