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Fitness & Wellness

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

What Is Fitness & Wellness?

Once you’ve reached your physical therapy goals, keep working with us to maintain your achievements and optimize your wellness with accountability and structure. Fitness and Wellness is getting into or back to an exercise routine to maintain strength, stability, endurance, balance, and overall health.

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Elderly Woman at Gym

What Are The Benefits Of Fitness & Wellness?

The benefit of continuing to work with House of Balance as you transition into fitness and wellness is that you will continue to have a skilled professional guiding and overseeing your fitness routine to ensure safety and efficacy. Many will continue to have noticeable progress in mobility and quality of life as they make this transition from physical therapy to fitness and wellness.

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Fill out our form in order to claim your free physical therapy screening call. This is the first step into getting a customized physical therapy plan.

Fitness & Wellness Treats These Types Of Conditions

Fitness and wellness programs can be tailored for all conditions and injuries. Additionally, as a yoga-certified teacher who has specific training in yoga for special populations, Dr. House can provide an individualized yoga program that works for you.

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