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Health Coaching

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

What Is Health Coaching?

We go beyond traditional physical therapy to give you the personalized attention and the support you need to heal. Coaching is integrated into the House of Balance programs to provide you with support in areas beyond tradition PT that may be holding you back in healing.

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What Are The Benefits Of Health Coaching?

The benefit of health coaching is that we can explore factors beyond physical therapy measures which may be limiting recovery. Key areas that health coaching addresses include:

  • Toxins (i.e., smoking, water, air quality)

  • Stress

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Activity

  • Time management

Depending on the individual, we are able to tailor time spent on these areas to your needs.

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Fill out our form in order to claim your free physical therapy screening call. This is the first step into getting a customized physical therapy plan.

Health Coaching Treats These Types Of Conditions

Health coaching is beneficial for all conditions, but is particularly helpful when recovering from multiple issues and long

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