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Physical Therapy

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy includes a professional evaluation, assessment, and treatment for individuals with functional mobility limitations. Physical therapy uses techniques including but not limited to stretching, strengthening, manual therapy, massage, postural assessment, coordination training, and balance training. Like other healthcare professions, physical therapists receive similar training in school, but develop their specialties through continuing education and working in the field with different populations. Therefore each physical therapist is unique in their approach to treatment.

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What Are The Benefits Of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a low-risk option with high reward potential. Research shows improvement in outcomes when doing physical therapy before and after surgery, and in some cases, physical therapy helps people to avoid surgery altogether. It can help boost athletic performance, decrease chronic pain, and in turn decrease dependency on pain-relieving medication.

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Physical Therapy Treats These Types Of Conditions

Physical therapy is a major player in fall prevention and stroke and injury recovery, but did you know it can also help in coping with ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, bowel regulation, fibromyalgia, and post-partum care? To find out if we can help you with  your pain or dysfunction, click the "CLAIM YOUR FREE ASSESSMENT" button.

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