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Treating A Physical Therapy Patient

Integrative Health & Physical Therapy In Charlottesville, VA

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Child Physiotherapy

Physical Therapist and Health Coach in Charlottesville

Located in Charlottesville, VA, House of Balance Integrative Health and PT provides a different approach for people suffering from mobility issues and pain. We understand that pain and movement dysfunction can be multifactorial. Therefore we create customized plans that go beyond traditional physical therapy to address your personal needs. Our founder Dr. Stephanie House has made it her mission to help clients heal naturally and empower them with vibrant health.


Physical Therapy Services In Charlottesville

House of Balance provides custom physical therapy services that can help correct mobility issues and pain

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Physical Therapy Exams

All clients receive a hands-on, comprehensive skilled physical therapy exam performed by a licensed physical therapist. Our user-friendly patient portal streamlines the process and allows you to track your own progress while working with us.

Physical Therapy and Health Coaching

Our unique blend of physical therapy and health coaching means that you get a truly customized treatment plan so we can provide you with the services you need to get better.

Fitness and Wellness

Once you've achieved your mobility goals, stay with us for maintenance, accountability, and individualized yoga and fitness plans.


I began working with Steph back in August. At the time, I was in such terrible pain that I was having a hard time getting around not only due to my foot drop and how it affected my hip-hiking but my compensated gait ended up leading to a torn meniscus. Steph worked with me to not only reconstruct all the muscles around me knee but also retrain the gross motor skills in my hips and leg to allow me to not only get back to a semi-normal gait but get out if pain and my braces... I can’t thank Steph enough for everything she has done for me.

Ashleigh K

Our Easy 3 Step Physical Therapy Process

We make it easy to become a physical therapy patient at House of Balance


Book Your Free Discovery Call

Fill out our online form and select your preferred time to jump on a discovery call with our physical therapist Dr. Stephanie House.


Create A Personalized Physical Therapy and Health Coaching Plan

After the initial discovery call, your functional movement specialist will create a unique and personalized plan to help reach your goals.


Schedule Your Appointments

Once you have your personalized physical therapy and health coaching plan you will be set to schedule your next functional movement session.

Reiki Treatment

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