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What to Expect at Your First Physical Therapy Visit

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

So you’ve read as many blogs, watched as many You tube videos, and listened to as many well-meaning people’s advice as you could. You are ready for some professional assistance to get you to the next level.

Whether you are going down the physical therapy or wellness track, this one-on-one fitness model is a step in the right direction that could ultimately save you time, money, and pain.

If you are working with House of Balance Integrative Health and PT, there are 4 main parts to completing your first visit:

1. Booking a free discovery call

2. Filling out paperwork on the client portal

3. Attending an in-person evaluation

4. Post-visit care

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Booking your free discovery call

Booking a discovery call is easy. Click on the link below and pick an open time. You will get to have a 15-minute, no strings attached phone call with a physical therapist where you will have the opportunity to talk about your health concerns, ask questions, and find out if House of Balance is a good fit for you. If you decide to work with us - whether you go the physical therapy or wellness route – we will then schedule your hour and 15 minute in person assessment.

Filling out paperwork on your client portal

Everyone who works with House of Balance gets electronic access to the portal, where we send documents to be filled out, messages, and informational videos and handouts. To optimize our time together during the initial visit, we ask that you create an account and fill out the paperwork ahead of time. If there are any technology issues, we are happy to help walk you through them.

Attending an In-Person Evaluation

We spend an hour and 15 minutes with you the first session because there is a lot to know about you, and spending more time up front gives us more insight into the many intricacies that can cause physical pain and dysfunction. It ultimately helps shorten the problem-solving time to get you better faster. If you have had physical therapy before, you will find that we spend more time talking than most big box physical therapy clinics. We also get you moving the first day, assessing posture, strength, movement quality, balance, range of motion and more. The longer evaluations allow us to also introduce a couple exercises you can start working on immediately.

Post-Visit Care

Have you every been to a physical therapy appointment where they explain to you what’s “wrong,” go over your plan of care and exercises, and then you leave with nothing in hand… remembering maybe half of what they told you, forgetting what exercises to do, and then ultimately doing them incorrectly or not doing them at all? You will find that House of Balance is there to guide you through the entire process. Our one-on-one care gives us time to explain things to you and gives you time to ask for clarification. After your in-person visit, you receive a follow up email with any key points we think are important for you to know, plus personalized written instructions for your “homework” between visits. You will also have videos of the exercises uploaded to your portal so you can make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. If there is still confusion, we offer complimentary email correspondence between sessions.


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